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Life List (more has been added!)

I love this. So exciting, so exciting! I love that I have actual goals now, even if some of them are farfetched. I only have seven more things to add to this list, which I haven't thought of yet, but I will. Because I really want to get to 100.

1. learn to scuba dive
2. live in another country for at least a year
3. play an unconventional instrument proficiently
4. eat Greek yogurt in Greece
5. write a novel
6. publish a book of poetry
7. pass Statistics
8. finish my Associate's Degree
9. get a Bachelor's Degree
10. live in a house with insulation and new windows that keep the heat in
11. live in a clean house with enough storage space for everything we need
12. go to Loy Krathong in Thailand (festival of floating lights - usually in November)
13. go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
14. get back to a healthier weight
15. La Tomatina (tomato fight festival in Spain)
16. make a quilt
17. knit a scarf
18. go to Sedlec Ossuary (church of bones in Czech Republic)
19. grow a garden full of things we can eat
20. start a monthly board game playing night
21. sell things on etsy
22. own at least as many cashmere sweaters as there are days of the week
23. own at least one pair of expensive and well-fitting jeans
24. start actually putting aside money in a savings account
25. get all my health stuff back in order: dentist appointments, antidepressants, acupuncture, massage, body work, tested for breast cancer genes, etc.
26. take the train to the summit of Corcovado in Brazil
27. go look at the Grand Canyon
28. go to Les Calanches on the island of Corsica
29. stay at the Saunton Sands Hotel again
30. climb El Castillo de Kulkulcán at Chichén Itzá in Mexico (Mayan temple)
31. go to Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya
32. go to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
33. go to Ayers Rock in Australia
34. hold a koala
35. drink beer and eat sausage in Germany
36. drink Guinness in a pub in Ireland
37. learn to play the accordion
38. go to the gay rodeo
39. learn to bake from scratch well enough to just make up recipes and have them work
40. have a special Christmas savings account that we put money into all year
41. live somewhere where it snows for at least one winter
42. send out Christmas cards every year
43. have health insurance for us and all our pets
44. see Eddie Izzard live
45. have my portrait painted
46. donate money for a bench with our names on it at Inspiration Point
47. take a train across the country
48. own a studio apartment just for writing in
49. be in the audience on Ellen
50. plant a garden
51. take trapeze lessons
52. take the Travel Channel Academy digital film school 4 day workshop
53. go to Coney Island Sideshow School
54. spend a weekend with friends at Treehouse Point
55. scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
56. learn to bartend
57. have a baby (or adopt one)
58. go see The Nutcracker
59. go to the opera in an evening gown and gloves
60. spend an entire weekend at a spa
61. ride in a hot air balloon
62. send 20 friends flowers for no reason
63. take cooking classes
64. Go see the Aurora Borealis
65. buy a house
66. get punched in the face (just to see what it feels like)
67. have a dog
68. get completely out of debt (not just to credit-ruining organizations, but to people)
69. make tortillas
70. learn to ride a motorcycle
71. keep bees
72. learn to sail
73. stay at the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland
74. learn to use my sewing machine and sew well enough to make clothing
75. get my CPR and First Aid licenses updated
76. take a wine tour with friends
77. eat gelato at the fountains in Rome
78. give blood
79. go back to Giverny and sit on a bench in Monet's garden
80. own a car again
81. wear a big hat and sip mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby
82. build a bookcase
83. learn how to work with wood competently to build furniture
84. have lunch with Paula Deen
85. be in an episode of Law & Order
86. make 100 lovely things
87. order a Smith Island cake
88. go in a shark cage with Great Whites
89. become an Ocean Advocate donor at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
90. go to the Paint the Town Red Gala (Red Cross fundraiser)
91. live in Alaska for a year
92. take Jack on a roadtrip around the country
93. take the train across Europe in a sleeper car

And in other exciting news (I am a blog-reading nerd fangirl, apparently), the gorgeous and inspiring Maggie Mason just put up a post in which she linked to my former post on this very subject. And also, my husband's sister's boyfriend's former teacher is my second cousin's blah blah blah I am a very big nerd who went squealing around the apartment when I saw her post. Yep. Nerd.

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