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15 Years Ago (June 1996), I:
1. Graduated Eighth Grade (barely) at Woodlands Christian School. I did not yet know that I would not be back for High School.
2. Flew to Arkansas to visit my friends for the first (and last) time all by myself. I had travelled before, but always in a very well-supervised way. Not this time! This time I flew out, stayed at a friends’ house, drove an SUV without a license, and kissed a boy, all without parental supervision. This is also when I found out that I would not be returning to the same school for High School, causing my life to skid off in a vastly different direction. Within six months, I would be a Homecoming Princess.
3. Tongue-kissed a boy for the first time in my life on the skyride at Great America. I spent the whole time counting seconds in my head so I could tell my friends how long it had lasted, because clearly that’s the important thing about kissing.

10 Years Ago (June 2001), I:
1. Had my heart broken for the first really big time. Up until then I thought it had happened, but this destroyed me for a good two years. I fell out of my car into the parking lot of his work screaming and crying. Not a good way to win back a boy, trust me.
2. Lived in a trailer park in Santa Cruz, because living in an Airstream trailer was one of those things that I had been romanticizing for years. Not all it was cracked up to be. I guess it was fine until my waterheater exploded and gushed water for 10 hours before I got home. After that, I had no running water and had to hike down the hill to the camp bathrooms to shower and go to the bathroom. Not so fun in the Santa Cruz mountains in the middle of the night.
3. Got my very first stalker (soon to be followed by my second stalker). I had four in rapid succession in my very early 20s. I am glad this phase of my life is finally over. Subsequently: also got my very first pepper spray!

5 Years Ago (June 2006), I:
1. Talked on the phone with Erica a lot. She was out on a boat in Louisiana for work for two or three months. We had had one very awkward but intense one-night-stand-ish thing a few months back, the night before she left, and now we were having the most epic battle of wills not to fall in love over the phone. This did not work, and we ended up dating and living together for a year.
2. Went to Pride and made out with a girl who I still wish I had dated.
3. Was about to lose my mom and didn’t really know it yet. It happened so fast. I knew it was coming, but the quickness of it completely blindsided me. After watching her have cancer for most of my life, I thought I would be ready for it, but you’re never ready. There’s never a convenient time to lose your mom.

3 Years Ago (June 2008), I:
1. Still thought of Jack as “my little brother.” Awkward.
2. Moved from East Oakland to West Oakland, and into the only place I’ve ever had a walk-in closet. Sigh.
3. Performed on stage at the Pride Nectarena Women’s Stage so hung over I nearly fell (in a sexy chicken costume and five inch heels) into a crowd of sweaty spectators. I spent the rest of the afternoon whimpering on the laps of my friends, and then went home and ate Chinese food until I fell asleep.

1 Year Ago (June 2010), I:
1. Was still working on the boats, but now instead of just waiting tables, I was also doing photography as well! Fun times! Free use of a photo printer and an excellent camera! Fun times.
2. Was coaching the San Jose Poetry Slam team, dividing my summer between Oakland and San Jose via frequent train trips. There may or may not have been a whole lot of booze involved.
3. Spent way too much money being a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding the following month. I never want to be a bridesmaid again, if I can help it. Which I probably can’t.

Yesterday, I:
1. Laid in bed all day long.
2. Made fish tacos.
3. Caught up on Sons of Anarchy.

Today, I:
1. Wore flip-flops to work, even though it was cold outside this morning, because damnit, I knew the sun would come out. (It did.)
2. Wish I was still in bed.
3. Got a whole bunch of work done so that I have nothing pressing to handle tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I:
1. Will only actually work for two hours.
2. Will get an 80 minute massage at a ritzy hotel.
3. Will have to drink a lot of water.

In a week, I:
1. Will make Oz some dog ice cream for his birthday!
2. Will watch the fireworks with my husband for the first time since I’ve known him.
3. Will finally get a Fourth of July away from the boats.

In one month (July 2011), I:
1. Will turn 30! It’s actually less than two weeks away. Eep!
2. Will hopefully be purchasing my plane ticket to Nationals.
3. Will spend a day getting pampered beyond what is humanly acceptable at a spa in Japantown.

In one year (June 2012), I:
1. Will have enough money saved to start in vitro soon.
2. Will hopefully have gotten a promotion with a raise.
3. Will have a new sister-in-law! My little brother’s getting married in six months, you guys!

In five years (June 2016), I:
1. Will have at least one kid.
2. Will have a car.
3. Will still like popsicles.


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Jun. 28th, 2011 04:40 am (UTC)

That costume is awesome

Jun. 28th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
If you ever post that picture again...

hahahaha. hilarious.

also yours is more interesting than mine. i like that.
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